Forage Modern Workshop

We love the Midwest and Good Design.  

Forage Modern Workshop offers a curated collection of goods for the modern lifestyle. From credenzas to candles, we select pieces from small studios and brands—real people who do real work—that have stories, that add value to their communities and can make a room look amazing.

Hailing from Minneapolis, where the summers are idyllic and the winters keep away the faint of heart, Forage Modern Workshop is working to define Midwest Modern while getting people to think twice about their stuff—who made it, where does it come from, how long will it last. We have this crazy idea that craftsmanship and beauty can make the world a better place. If you mix our Midwestern sensibilities, our obsession with history, storytelling, and characters, an eye for well-designed and well-made wears, along with people eating donuts and playing ping-pong, you get Forage. It's an idea workshop, and it's okay if not everybody understands it. 

The Peeps 

Mike Smith, Owner and Creative Director

James Brown, Owner

Rebekah Cook, Director of Operations

Sara Tonko, Buyer

Kelsie Gerstl, Store Manager

Darcy Holderman, Sales and Brains

Victoria Kulish, Sales and Snapchat

Nathan Elias, Sales and Playlists

Torey Hansen, Merchandising and Resident Art Student