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A few gift ideas for ya

Round UpRebekah CookComment

Everyone is throwing gift guides your way. We know. We're gonna do it, too.

Whether it be hostess, best friend, kid or yourself, here's a few favorite items that we think your love ones will appreciate.

1. Malin and Goetz Candle 2. Canoe Leather Coasters 3. Wind and Willow Mini Planters 4. Conway Electric Extö. 5. Carrier Pigeon Studs 6. Son of a Sailor Charlie Knife 7. Herbivore Botanicals Clay Soap 8. Son of a Sailor Yo-Yo 9. Son of a Sailor Key Chain 10. Alder New York Rosemary Hand Salve 11. Wild Sam Field Guides 12. Juniper Ridge Campfire Incense 13. Cereal Guide: London

(If item is not linked online, it is sold in store only. Feel free to stop by or call to purchase. While supplies last)

1. Dylan Design Retronaut Lamp 2. Fort Standard White Marble Trivet 3. Carrier Pigeon Objects Collection

1. Ben Medansky Hexagon Vessel 2. Ben Medansky Bottle with Gold Ban 3. Jacobsen Salt Co. Lemon Zest Flake Salt 4. Fort Standard Bottle Opener 5. Pigeon Toe Ceramics Utility Spoon Rest

1. Pigeon Toe Ceramics Simple Tumbler 2. August Fischer Cutting Boards 3. Vintage Wooden Spoons

1. Tree Hopper Toys Pizza Teether 2. Fog Linen Tray 3. Areaware Ninjabot 4. Fog Linen Baby Blanket

1. Kick.Stand.Press Birch Bark Cloth Napkin 2. August Fischer Cutting Board 3. Ben Medansky Cup

1. Keisha Harris Wunder Necklace 2. Fort Standard Small Standing Bowl 3. Wind and Willow Small Planter 4. Spring Finn and Co. Pouch 5. Oh Dier Ebonized Salt Cellar 6. Canoe Leather Tray 7. Herbivore Botanicals Bath Salts 8. Kinfolk Magazine: Issue 14

1. Son of a Sailor Toc Leather Bowls 2. Son of a Sailor Tango Clip Fob

1. Lima Nesting Dolls | Set of 5 Matryoska Dolls by Son of a Sailor