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Rugs by GUR

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GUR is our latest pretty thing here at Forage, and a very special project. Conceived by Celia Esteves, GUR aims to bring young artists and illustrators closer to traditional art-making through textiles as a medium. Since they are made of recycled and readily available materials, GUR rugs represent the moment in which they were made, in colors reflective of the culture and time of their production.

Through the use of landscapes and abstractions, illustrations and graphic design, each rug has a distinct personality.

Esteves is determined to keep all materials and artists sourced within Portugal, keeping GUR a pure representation of both Portuguese tradition and innovation in modern design.

Designed by artists and crafted by a single traditional weaver of Esteves' hometown, these rugs are loved and carefully considered every step of the way. GUR rugs make beautiful art pieces as well as home decor, no matter how you choose to place them in your home.