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FMW FAVS from Sara

Round Up, New ProductsRebekah CookComment

This week's FMWFAVs is from our buyer, Sara! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here.

The new issue of Gather Journal just arrived, and it's amazing. Somehow, they were able to successfully merge the eerily cosmic, the prehistoric, and the sometimes absurdity of a museum diorama with rich food photography -- it will force a shift in perspective.

While I'm usually a vintage fan (and the early version of this radio can be found!), the Model 1 by Tivoli is a radio that I have to have. They are minimal in design but manage to package great sound and better reception in a classically beautiful, functional piece that is a joy to use.

Yes!! We just received our 100.2 Baskets from Doug Johnston in specially chosen colors. I can't say enough about how much I admire Doug Johnston's work - his studio's experimentation. It's kinda like exploring how a line can travel through space...