Forage Modern Workshop

Limited Edition Totes

Features, New ProductsRebekah CookComment

We wanted to come up with a way to express our current themes with all of you. So we partnered with our friend Carissa of People I've Loved and put our thoughts into tote-form.

In a culture where anyone can use filters to make beautiful photos or turn their living rooms into photo-shoot studios, there is so much noise. Everyone has what everyone wants, but when we step back, are we looking at art or just an editor's eye?

And, we're part of the game, of course. But in an effort to stay true to who we are, join us in our movement to admit we're all just faking it and we're all making it! Here's to more art! More true experiences. And we're giving away totes when you purchase $50+ to carry your goodies in to create said experiences. Or, you can purchase one, here. Limited edition run - while supplies last.

Make sure you use the hashtag #foragemoderntote when posting a pic of your tote on social.

We're having fun. Join us!