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A little help from our friends

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We had a customer that really, REALLY (really, really) wanted the Modernica Case Study Platform bed. Who wouldn't? Its clean and classic design make a great fit for so many different style homes. So what's the problem? This platform bed ships in one piece, and she needed it in a king size, and it had to fit up these stairs (which it couldn't).

We looked for other bed options, but nothing was really the right design. So we called upon our good friend, Willie of Willie Willette Works to see if he could help us cut the piece in half and figure out a way to put it back together again, without comprising the design.

It literally took just a phone call and an hour in his (super fun) workshop and bam. Problem solved.

Willie, the man himself.

Willie, the man himself.

Bingo, bango!

Bingo, bango! find some sweet bedding. find some sweet bedding.

Mike, of course, made time for some ping pong.

What did we learn from this situation? 

1. The customer is always right (again).
2. Measure, twice (even three times) before deciding on a dream product
3. Think outside the box
4. We are reminded of how many amazing makers and artisans live in the Twin Cities and are always willing to give a helping hand. Thanks again, Willie!