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Just arrived - an assortment of BIXBY combs in for the well coiffed head (and face) of hair.

First, a little history. The combs are made in small batches from cellulose acetate sheets, which are heated and carved. Cellulose acetate is related to one of the first plastics, celluloid, the material used to make all kinds of things like costume jewelry and other personal articles (and notably, due to its high flammability, in its ground form was an instrumental material for starting fires, which jailbirds would obtain by grinding pens!).

Cellulose acetate is a plastic made from pulverized cotton and tree fibers and is completely stable (not flammable). It's a hypoallergenic material, which is why things like eye glasses and hair accessories are commonly made from it—that, and the fact that the material has almost limitless color variation and can mimic precious materials like ivory and tortoise shell.

From Mark, BIXBY's founder:
BIXBY is comprised of an ad hoc team of friends and family that began in my garage in Southern California. The name BIXBY was inspired by the iconic bridge that spans across a once impassible section of the rugged California coastline. This sophistication and grit embodies what we are about. We began with an everyday pocket comb. Most combs are designed as a professional tool used for scissor over comb cutting or detangling. The materials typically used are cheap injected plastics, wood or hard metal that nobody should use on his or her precious scalp daily. I needed the BIXBY comb to have a classic look and function as an everyday styling comb. The design came from studying the shapes and sizes of vintage combs thus achieving a classic iconic look with an ergonomic feel. The engineering came from interviewing trend right stylist and barbers from the east to west coast. We came up with what we like to describe as "optimum drag"—the perfect distance between two adjacent bristles and their length. The tin case is a throw back to harmonica cases. Every beautiful instrument deserves the respect of a hard shell case.

Could you talk to us about the materials you use to create the combs and why?
I exclusively use ZYL sheets because of its natural characteristics. ZYL Cellulose Acetate is a hypoallergenic cured resin made by pulverizing cotton and tree fibers into a transparent pulp, artisans add vegetable and mineral pigments creating brilliant hues and patterns to be extruded into thin sheets.

What makes BIXBY stand out against the competition?
As far as competition goes, I welcome it. I know there are other companies that sell combs but for me BIXBY is a true original. We capture a lifestyle and our team’s attention to detail simply is the best.

Why does every guy need a good comb?
People need a good comb for the simple fact that it is a healthy practice to use one as a tool to clean your hair and massage the scalp with daily. The concept is no different than brushing your teeth. BIXBY’s are naturally hypoallergenic, have a smooth even pull for styling and are gentle on your scalp.

Check out BIXBY's Montana and Birmingham pocket combs + Glasgow and Liverpool key chain combs—up on the website now.