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FMW FAVS from Kyndra

Round UpBethany AshmunComment

This week's FMWFAVs is from Kyndra! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here

Wormwood Absinthium Cream by Prospector Co.

"I recently purchased this lotion and I can't get enough.  It looks great on my dresser and the masculine scent is subtle enough that I don't feel like I just walked off set of an Axe commercial.  It makes my skin look and feel great."

Morihata FD Style Bottle Opener

"I have been eyeing this item for quite some time.  I love it's simplicity and sleek design.  This is the bottle opener that you can leave out on the counter, bar cart or hang on a hook without looking like you didn't clean up from last night's excursions.  No more passing the can opener or a lighter and watching your house guests struggle to open their Sweet Child of Vine.  I have also been known to show off my roots by opening a beer bottle via the edge of a counter but it's time to stop bruising my wrist (and stop ruining my counter tops) and say yes to this beautiful, easy to clean, rust proof bottle opener by Morihata."