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Dad's Day #dadjokes

Round UpBethany AshmunComment

It’s that time again to celebrate Dad. The man who's always been there to play some catch. To help change your oil. The dude who introduced you to The Stones, and let you borrow your favorite of his old tour t-shirts (which you still have). The guy who likes to kick back his ol' dad bod, shoot the breeze, and throw around a few puns here and there. That guy. It’s time to pay tribute to him. We’ve rounded up a collection of choice gifts to give your Pops props for being such a gosh darn good Dad and threw in some #dadjokes too, just for kicks. So, c’mon boy, make your Poppa proud!


"Dad, did you get a haircut?"

-No, I got them all cut.


I'd like to thank all of the sidewalks.

-For keeping me off the streets


What does an annoying pepper do?

-It gets jalapeño face


What did the buffalo say when his son left for college?



Womp Womp.