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Fragments of a Home + Esmé

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Featured: Esmé McGlasson

Esmé is a Minneapolis native currently living in what's rumored to have once been a 1920s mob hideout in the Whittier neighborhood. She likes dogs, mastering the poached egg, and trying to keep her plants alive.

What does Home mean to you?

My parents' South Minneapolis house. I can name every cup, book, and wall ding.

Talk about an item/items in your home that you love most and why.

The artwork. I wouldn't call it a "collection," but I'm pretty proud of the pieces that I do have. I've also acquired a few old Woodsport furniture prototypes that I'm fond of. Not to lay on the introspection too heavy... but I think it's important to be surrounded by things that have souls.

What is your favorite source/sources for interior design inspiration? or Where do you find inspiration for your home?

People, books, and various Instagram accounts. In that order.

What is your favorite room and why?

Tough. My bedroom in the summer because I have seven giant windows that rest perfectly in the surrounding trees (feels like sleeping in a treehouse). And the kitchen because it's the most compassionate room in a home. My kitchen isn't aesthetically or functionally great but I love it—especially when the counters are clean and the fridge is full. 

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?

To a floating home on the Copenhagen harbor. Or to a house in the Kanto region of Japan. There's one called "House H," built by Sou Fujimoto in 2009, that is so dreamy. 

Where are your favorite places to shop for home-related items?

I promise this isn't just a plug, but my favorite is Forage. Everything is so unique, like, a pencil at Forage is a pencil that's individually marbled in bright paint or comes with a custom eraser stand. Plus I'm a sucker for Japanese and Danish designs and Forage carries both <3 Also, Craigslist. I love Craigslist. Oh, and my parents' basement.

What are some of your favorite items from Forage that you have in your home?

My yellow Gus Jasper Cube! And my pink Q-Hooks! And my Hex Key hooks! And my orange basket... And my vintage magazine holder... And my Crystal Quinn print... Oops.

Please note that Esmé loathes the title, "Northern Delights," but insists that is really is a good book.

Please note that Esmé loathes the title, "Northern Delights," but insists that is really is a good book.

Current Forage wish list?

First, the Posy Bolo by Neal Jewelry (ugh). Second, multiple dining sets of Hasami Porcelain. Third would be one of the fig tree plants… which aren’t for sale, I'm just too lazy to seek them out elsewhere.

(To shop Esmé's picks, click on the images below.)