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Studio 'N The Round Marbled Pillows

Features, New ProductsRebekah CookComment

UM...These Studio 'N the Round Pillows are INSANE! Made in Upstate New York especially for Forage Modern Workshop.

About The Pillows:
From Christin: "I marble and sew and design all the patterns in my Catskill studio. I marble fabric 60" x two yards at a time using the Turkish Ebru process, floating acrylic paint on irish moss (liquid seaweed)."
- Fabrics are hand marbled. They are color fast/set and post washed after marbling
- All pillow covers are removable via zipper
- The triangles are filled with foam/dacron styrofoam
- The beanbags are filled with beanbag pellets. The beanbag covers can be washed/cleaned, but note that if you unzip the beanbag you will need a trashbag/large bag to empty the beanbag pellets into.
- The 18" circular pillows have a zipper and the insert has a muslin cover. It is a heavy pillow meant for the floor and is stuffed with clean recycled clothes. The stuffing can be replaced as the customer sees fit.