Forage Modern Workshop

Up thru Labor Day : BS SHOW : A Bumper Sticker Show

sara tonkoComment

Our summer show is curated by Minneapolis-based artist Crystal Quinn. Quinn asked 8 artists to create 1 or 2 bumper sticker designs, each of which will be on display in our gallery. Participating artists include:

Maddy Nye / @maddynye /

Rachel Howe / Small Spells / @smallspells /

Kindra Murphy / @fromkindra /

Nathaniel Russell / @nathanielrussell /

Clay Hickson / @clayhickson /

Loren Purcell / @lorenpurcell

Eric Timothy Carlson / @erictimothycarlson /

Aaron Anderson / @aaron_anderson

Crystal Quinn / @heavythread / @anarchyisfemale /

The show opens with a late afternoon reception Saturday, July 14 from 2-4PM.

You can purchase the bumper stickers here.