Forage Modern Workshop

DON'T LOOK BACK, work by Julia Maiuri

sara tonkoComment

Forage Modern Workshop is honored to present paintings by Minneapolis-based artist Julia Maiuri. Her moody, otherworldly work will fill the gallery space September and October.

Please join us Saturday, Sept 14, 6 - 8PM for our opening reception.

From the artist:

don’t look back uses repetition in imagery, color schemes, and marks to explore the point at which recollection veers into rumination and obsession. Drawing inspiration from found photos, personal experience, and mythology to shape each composition, Maiuri constructs a visual narrative that is nonlinear; giving life to alternate realities and entertaining fantasies of what might have been.


In her collaged works on paper, sense of time is manipulated as torn pieces of paper, layers of paint, and shifts in color drift between varying perspectives. The way that viewers perceive the work is also challenged as Maiuri’s paintings on sheer fabric allow us to peer through the painting surface, offering additional possibilities for experiencing the work, surrounding space, and narratives depicted. A sinking tension is ever present as the figures within each scene bleed through the painting surfaces, attempting to recall moments that have been picked apart, rearranged, and put back together again.

Julia Maiuri (b. 1991) is a visual artist based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Working primarily through figurative painting, Maiuri explores themes of memory, relationships, and storytelling. Maiuri holds a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Wayne State University (Detroit, 2013). She is currently pursuing an MFA in Painting from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.