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Studio 'N The Round Marbled Pillows

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UM...These Studio 'N the Round Pillows are INSANE! Made in Upstate New York especially for Forage Modern Workshop.

About The Pillows:
From Christin: "I marble and sew and design all the patterns in my Catskill studio. I marble fabric 60" x two yards at a time using the Turkish Ebru process, floating acrylic paint on irish moss (liquid seaweed)."
- Fabrics are hand marbled. They are color fast/set and post washed after marbling
- All pillow covers are removable via zipper
- The triangles are filled with foam/dacron styrofoam
- The beanbags are filled with beanbag pellets. The beanbag covers can be washed/cleaned, but note that if you unzip the beanbag you will need a trashbag/large bag to empty the beanbag pellets into.
- The 18" circular pillows have a zipper and the insert has a muslin cover. It is a heavy pillow meant for the floor and is stuffed with clean recycled clothes. The stuffing can be replaced as the customer sees fit.

Lucky Peach's Last Issue

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Lucky Peach Issue No. 23 is the last issue of Lucky Peach Magazine and they made it a good one. It's all about the suburbs -- it's got freaky illustrations, all of the processed snack food we know and love and a section devoted to MN Church Potluck Staples.

Since 2011, David Chang's brain child has been all over shelves, covering the best of food related content. We will miss this publication and are grateful to have had it on our selves. Get your Issue 23 today!

Image courtesy of Lucky Peach's Twitter.

Image courtesy of Lucky Peach's Twitter.

NEW Mix Modular Series by Gus

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The 5-PC option showing all fabric choices available.

The 5-PC option showing all fabric choices available.

If you have a hard time committing to a sectional, or you have a space that has a tricky set-up, enter the Mix Modular Serious by Gus.

The Mix Modular Collection lets you mix and match components and fabrics to build a custom sectional, sofa or chaise to perfectly suit your space. The design uses 5 basic components (left arm unit, right arm unit, armless unit, corner unit, and ottoman) which can be added and combined to create an unlimited number of upholstery configurations. Choose matching fabrics or mix things up to make it your own. Components can be easily reconfigured or added later to adapt to changing needs. Move an ottoman from the left to the right side of a sectional to change the layout of your space. Build a condo-sized sectional knowing that you can add more components down the road if needs change. The tight seat and back give the design a clean-lined, contemporary look, and each component has French seams to subtly soften the edges. Includes matching bolster cushions for added style and comfort. Constructed with kiln-dried 100% FSC®-Certified hardwood in support of responsible forest management. 

FMW FAVS from Sara

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This week's FMWFAVs is from our buyer, Sara! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here.

The new issue of Gather Journal just arrived, and it's amazing. Somehow, they were able to successfully merge the eerily cosmic, the prehistoric, and the sometimes absurdity of a museum diorama with rich food photography -- it will force a shift in perspective.

While I'm usually a vintage fan (and the early version of this radio can be found!), the Model 1 by Tivoli is a radio that I have to have. They are minimal in design but manage to package great sound and better reception in a classically beautiful, functional piece that is a joy to use.

Yes!! We just received our 100.2 Baskets from Doug Johnston in specially chosen colors. I can't say enough about how much I admire Doug Johnston's work - his studio's experimentation. It's kinda like exploring how a line can travel through space...


New Productssara tonkoComment

So many more ways to up your flair this year. Wear them on your coat or blazer lapel, shirt collar, denim jacket, hat, purse (or Baggu), suspenders, or shoes. We have 7 styles in store and online now -- check it out!

Here are some examples for adding pins to your life:

Marc Jacobs, Spring 2016

Marc Jacobs, Spring 2016

Go 80s:


Or 90s:


And just in case you need a reminder about our policy on flair...

Chiaozza Lump Nubbins

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We are so pumped to announce the arrival of a special collection by the Brooklyn based duo, Chiaozza to Forage Modern Workshop.  The collaborative duo behind Chiaozza includes Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao.  Together they explore play and craft across a range of media.  They draw their inspiration by observing the natural world through their own experience of the everyday. With the belief that the world of the imaginary is as "real" as the natural, they create bright immersive environments of paper, paint, wood, and plaster.  With the primitive optimism of a child and the meticulous focus of a horticulturalist, the imaginary and the wild continually slip in and out of the ordinary, uncovering the wondrous, the magical, and the humorous in the everyday. 

Forage will be carrying a small collection of Lump Nubbins. The small plants are crafted from compressed paper pulp, painted paper, matte acrylic gouache, and plaster or concrete.  Some of the sculptures contain flocking, gloss medium, glow-in-the-dark paint, chrome, and/or micaceous iron oxide. These art objects are friendly, exuberant, and delightful. We know that you will be as charmed with them as we are. 

Rugs by GUR

New ProductsDarcy HoldermanComment

GUR is our latest pretty thing here at Forage, and a very special project. Conceived by Celia Esteves, GUR aims to bring young artists and illustrators closer to traditional art-making through textiles as a medium. Since they are made of recycled and readily available materials, GUR rugs represent the moment in which they were made, in colors reflective of the culture and time of their production.

Through the use of landscapes and abstractions, illustrations and graphic design, each rug has a distinct personality.

Esteves is determined to keep all materials and artists sourced within Portugal, keeping GUR a pure representation of both Portuguese tradition and innovation in modern design.

Designed by artists and crafted by a single traditional weaver of Esteves' hometown, these rugs are loved and carefully considered every step of the way. GUR rugs make beautiful art pieces as well as home decor, no matter how you choose to place them in your home.

HAY: From Denmark to the Midwest!

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We're ecstatic over here about Denmark-based design cooperative, HAY! Founded in 2002, HAY, aims to recreate the 'heyday' of 1950's and 60's design but with a modern innovative twist. And to add to the excitement, this super-group is not only made up of established makers, but hungry young designers who are dead set on making products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Literally, every single object is worth taking a moment to pick up and appreciate the clear dedication to superb quality and design. Whether it be stacking high their bright-colored box box's or tracing the lines along the grooves of their field serving boards (literally, inspired by plowed fields!).

Be it, your kitchen, office, living space, etc - HAY basically has all it's grounds covered. 

Needless to say, we're pretty dang pumped to say that we now have them available to us HERE in the Midwest!!

Meet HEM.

New Productssara tonkoComment

We are happy to welcome Berlin-based Hem to Forage. In Swedish, hem means home, and Hem wants to bring great design to your home.

Only about a year old, Hem's first collection has been well received, and they are hitting the ground running with smart, simple, modern pieces with a European influence. The majority of their products are manufactured in Europe, as well as a few in India. Their main goal is to create affordable, well-designed furniture and home accessories that is also easily shipped and requires very little assembly. Further, they want to position themselves as a furniture company with ultimate customer customization (see video for the Alphabeta lighting system below).

As one who received our first order from Hem last week, I can attest to the fact that much thought went into the package design, and the larger furniture pieces truly were easy to assemble!

Take a look at some of what we have in the shop now:

Hai Chair  in Mosaic Charcoal

Hai Chair in Mosaic Charcoal

Hai Ottoman  in Mosaic Charcoal

Hai Ottoman in Mosaic Charcoal

Brick Pouf Round  in Light Grey

Brick Pouf Round in Light Grey

Bento Chair  in Black

Bento Chair in Black

And coming in October...

Palo 2-Seater Chaise (Left) in Dark Blue

Palo 2-Seater Chaise (Left) in Dark Blue

Italian designer Luca Nichetto has created a lamp for Hem, which comprises colourful shades that stack in customizable combinations. 

We have more great Hem pieces in stock at the shop!

Introducing: Ivy Muse

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Images by  Annette O'Brien       We are so pleased to welcome Ivy Muse to Forage! These beautiful plant stands are the perfect way to bring the green indoors. They combine minimal simplicity in a way that makes these plant stands the perfect addition to any space.

Images by Annette O'Brien

We are so pleased to welcome Ivy Muse to Forage! These beautiful plant stands are the perfect way to bring the green indoors. They combine minimal simplicity in a way that makes these plant stands the perfect addition to any space.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal who make up Ivy Muse.  They share a bit about how Ivy Muse came to be as well as some of the things that inspire them to keep creating. 

- A bit of background on us...
A - Jacqui Vidal and I (Alana Langan) are long time friends, over 10 years
actually. We met through a ‘friend of a friend’ and hit it off and stayed close even
with both of us having stints living overseas during that time. I’m an interiors
stylist and owner of online boutique ‘Hunt & Bow’, plus Mum to two beautiful kids
(Ivy, aged 1 and Louis, aged 3) and partner to Stuart Templeman.

J - I’m owner of ‘Signed & Numbered’ a store that sells limited edition works on
paper by Australian and international artists. We have two shops here in
Melbourne, one in Greville Street Prahran and another in Degraves Street in the
city. I’m also Mum to Ellis, (our gorgeous little girl who’s 3) and partner to Casey

- Where do you live/work?
J- We’re based in Melbourne, Australia. Ivy Muse plant stands are designed by
Alana and myself and made from start to finish right here (in Melbourne).

- What was the thing that you created that made you think "Yeah, I can
do this - I'm going to start my own business"?

A - Over the past year or so, Jacqui and I had been knocking about ideas to
collaborate together. When we came up with idea for IVY MUSE it just clicked for
both of us. We’re both a little ‘green-thumbed’ and were struggling to find high
quality plant stands without compromising on the design. I live in a rental
property and Jacqui lived in an apartment at the time with no outside space, so
we were both keen on the idea of getting creative with bringing greenery indoors.
Being friends for so long, we knew we could work well together; we both have
different strengths that we could play to... and we could cover each others

- What do you like about working with your medium?
J - It would have to be the early stages of product development. I’ve always got
ideas and designs running through my head! It’s so satisfying to see something
grow from a simple drawing through to a complete fully-fledged product.

- Do you have a favorite plant?
A - Well, I’m a Gemini so I’m always changing my mind (!), but at the moment
it’s Hoya Heuschkeliana. It’s a delicate trailing plant with beautiful green leaves
that looks amazing paired with our stands.

- Aspirations for the future, near or distant, business or personal?
J - We’ve got so much planned for Ivy Muse. We plan to release two collections
per year; and are well underway planning our third (which excitingly, involves a
collaboration with a talented Australian artist).
We’re also extending our range of botanical wares and incorporating some really
cool pieces to complement our existing plant stands. Stay tuned!

- What is a source of energy or inspiration?
A - Definitely our home town, Melbourne. We’re so lucky to call it home. It’s a
real hotbed for design and we’re constantly inspired by the talented creatives
here and the work they produce.

- What is something you've learned from starting your own business?
A - Jacqui and I are both firm believers that there’s never a ‘perfect’ time to start
a new business. If you wait for the perfect moment, it may never come. You just
have to take a deep breath, believe and dive straight in!


Find Ivy Muse products online and in store at Forage Modern Workshop

Visit the Ivy Muse website and connect with them on Instagram at ivymuse_melb


New ProductsSara BischoffComment

Just arrived - an assortment of BIXBY combs in for the well coiffed head (and face) of hair.

First, a little history. The combs are made in small batches from cellulose acetate sheets, which are heated and carved. Cellulose acetate is related to one of the first plastics, celluloid, the material used to make all kinds of things like costume jewelry and other personal articles (and notably, due to its high flammability, in its ground form was an instrumental material for starting fires, which jailbirds would obtain by grinding pens!).

Cellulose acetate is a plastic made from pulverized cotton and tree fibers and is completely stable (not flammable). It's a hypoallergenic material, which is why things like eye glasses and hair accessories are commonly made from it—that, and the fact that the material has almost limitless color variation and can mimic precious materials like ivory and tortoise shell.

From Mark, BIXBY's founder:
BIXBY is comprised of an ad hoc team of friends and family that began in my garage in Southern California. The name BIXBY was inspired by the iconic bridge that spans across a once impassible section of the rugged California coastline. This sophistication and grit embodies what we are about. We began with an everyday pocket comb. Most combs are designed as a professional tool used for scissor over comb cutting or detangling. The materials typically used are cheap injected plastics, wood or hard metal that nobody should use on his or her precious scalp daily. I needed the BIXBY comb to have a classic look and function as an everyday styling comb. The design came from studying the shapes and sizes of vintage combs thus achieving a classic iconic look with an ergonomic feel. The engineering came from interviewing trend right stylist and barbers from the east to west coast. We came up with what we like to describe as "optimum drag"—the perfect distance between two adjacent bristles and their length. The tin case is a throw back to harmonica cases. Every beautiful instrument deserves the respect of a hard shell case.

Could you talk to us about the materials you use to create the combs and why?
I exclusively use ZYL sheets because of its natural characteristics. ZYL Cellulose Acetate is a hypoallergenic cured resin made by pulverizing cotton and tree fibers into a transparent pulp, artisans add vegetable and mineral pigments creating brilliant hues and patterns to be extruded into thin sheets.

What makes BIXBY stand out against the competition?
As far as competition goes, I welcome it. I know there are other companies that sell combs but for me BIXBY is a true original. We capture a lifestyle and our team’s attention to detail simply is the best.

Why does every guy need a good comb?
People need a good comb for the simple fact that it is a healthy practice to use one as a tool to clean your hair and massage the scalp with daily. The concept is no different than brushing your teeth. BIXBY’s are naturally hypoallergenic, have a smooth even pull for styling and are gentle on your scalp.

Check out BIXBY's Montana and Birmingham pocket combs + Glasgow and Liverpool key chain combs—up on the website now.

Furoshiki Fun

New ProductsRebekah CookComment

Seriously, we are so excited for these Link Collective Furoshikis!! With wedding season upon us, these make the perfect gift wrapping option. Wrap your lunch, wrap your pen and journal, wrap your plant pot, wrap your head. Tie up your treats, then spread your furoshiki out under them for a picnic. They can also be tied more loosely for a little handbag, shoulder bag, or bundle bag for gathering flowers, herbs, etc.

These are hand printed in Japan using traditional Japanese printing techniques and distributed out of the UK. 

These are hand printed in Japan using traditional Japanese printing techniques and distributed out of the UK. 

Furoshiki (風呂敷, fu-rosh-ki) is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It can be used in multiple ways, for bundling or gift-wrapping all sorts of things. We think this particular lighter-weight furoshiki works well for more delicate wrapping and perfectly as a scarf, and it softens up the more you wear and wash it. One simple and beautiful piece of cloth and the list is endless. Tie it and see!

Available in Folding Paper, Navy Stripe and Triangles

If you don't cook and are bringing your boring old wine to a pot luck, make it more special.

If you don't cook and are bringing your boring old wine to a pot luck, make it more special.

Bodega x FMW a curated magazine experience

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It has been a dream of Bodega, a creative firm in town, to bring a bodega-style shopping experience to the Twin Cities for a long time. So we are pumped to announce our retail collaboration: Bodega x FMW!

Titles carried currently (more to come, so follow along): 

The Great Discontent
Boat Magazine
The Gentlewoman
The Last Magazine
A Magazine Curated by
Self Service
Human Being Journal
The Faculty Dept.

New Arrivals for Spring

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We'll keep it simple and let the pictures and designs speak for themselves. Totally in love with all of the new items arriving on the daily.

Limited Edition Totes

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We wanted to come up with a way to express our current themes with all of you. So we partnered with our friend Carissa of People I've Loved and put our thoughts into tote-form.

In a culture where anyone can use filters to make beautiful photos or turn their living rooms into photo-shoot studios, there is so much noise. Everyone has what everyone wants, but when we step back, are we looking at art or just an editor's eye?

And, we're part of the game, of course. But in an effort to stay true to who we are, join us in our movement to admit we're all just faking it and we're all making it! Here's to more art! More true experiences. And we're giving away totes when you purchase $50+ to carry your goodies in to create said experiences. Or, you can purchase one, here. Limited edition run - while supplies last.

Make sure you use the hashtag #foragemoderntote when posting a pic of your tote on social.

We're having fun. Join us!

An Interview with AELFIE

Interview, New ProductsRebekah CookComment

I recently had the opportunity to visit Brooklyn-based design AELFIE's studio and was totally inspired! Owner and designer, Aelfie Oudghiri is ‘dedicated to creating, sourcing, and honoring the coolest textiles in the world’ which is clearly defined in her curated collection of punchy eye-grabbing hand embroidered pillows, giganto-paintbrush-like duvet graphics, and playfully modern while traditionally handwoven artisan rugs. What more is there to say? We are absolutely ecstatic to welcome Aelfie’s designs to Minnesota!

1. How did you get started and why did you decide to do "Aelfie"?

I bought my first rug when I was a teenager in Turkey and have been in love with craft ever since. I decided to do "Aelfie" in the summer of 2012 after having worked for 2 years in vintage and antique rugs and textiles. 

2 - What’s one of the challenges you have with the business? 

The weight of the rugs can be challenging, especially when I was pregnant. 

3 - What's your favorite item in the collection right now? Anything you have in your own home?

I have the Selma rug in my living room and the Lounah in our nursery. Aelfie pillows are everywhere in my home, but my favorite is the Jungle Eyes, which was the doodle that spawned the whole collection. 

4 - What's been a consistent best seller? 

The Heatwave in Rajasthan. We had guests over when I designed that rug. There was actually a small party. I'm not generally so impolite, but I really wanted to get that design out and on paper before the idea disappeared. 

5 - What inspires you?

Inspiration is a funny thing. I'm not totally sure what inspires the designs, but it generally happens while walking or preoccupied with my hands.

Limited Edition from Kuu Collections

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Why would a store that sells primarily furniture and home goods carry bags and purses? Because why not? Beautifully designed goods whether in your home or hanging on your shoulder all work together to tell your story.

Kuu Collections is a collaboration between Emma Safir and Isabelle Chafkin, two fine artists. Founded on the belief that exciting things happen when artists apply a studio practice to design problems, decisions are made after rigorous material explorations.  With an eye towards effortless elegance and fine craftsmanship, Kuu Collections is a platform for collaboration, experimentation, and the production of beautiful things. A short-run collection of leather goods that we were lucky enough to get our hands on. 

Available while supplies last!

Objects Collection by Carrier Pigeon

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We are pretty much obsessed with all of Lauren from Carrier Pigeon's work. So when she met with us to show us her idea for her new Objects collection, it was a no-brainer that we would show them at Forage.

Carrier Pigeon's Objects Collection began simply as a project to design and make jewelry holders for display. Throughout the design process however, Lauren found herself inspired by the functional art object. These simple designs once cast in bronze; are transformed by patinas and polishing.

Use them to hold your treasured jewelry, burn incense, collect ephemera or simply display in your home. These sturdy bronze pieces will stay with you forever, turning your fingerprints and time into unique metal hues. 

Cone Ring Holder

Pyramid Ring Holder

Cactus Dish

Nesting Bowls