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Casey Deming

FMW Featured Artist: Cameron Wittig

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January 20 - February 12
Photography Prints by Cameron Wittig

Walker Art Center staff photographer veteran, portrait-taker of artistic greats (Coppola, Chuck Close, and Poliça just to name a few), and an overall incredible talent. Plus, there’s a few Casey Deming collab pieces in the mix. The work is evocative and smart, and it’s up on our walls through February 12th.

Cameron lives and works in Minneapolis, MN.

Learn more about Cameron on his website.


FMW FAVS from Darcy

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Eyes & Nose Tote by Casey Deming

This tote makes me smile! It's so simple and playful, I can't help it.

The Great Discontent, Issue 4

The editorial design of The Great Discontent is fresh and intriguing. Combined with quality writing and ambitious people, the stories are a joy to read.

Woven Pizza Mini-Slices

I'm a sucker for textiles, and the way Kayla Mattes brings an original perspective to weaving is such an inspiration to me. They even come with a little jump ring on the back so you can show off your #PIZZA PRIDE!

All items are available in store and online!