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Fragments of a Home + Kyndra

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Featured: Kyndra James

We have always been inspired by Kyndra's motivation and hustle. She has shown time and time again that working hard and sticking to your goals gets you where you want to be. Although she moved to Hawaii in 2016, we still consider her part of the Forage team (and miss her dearly.) Check out her killer taste, FMW wish list and her comments on the idea of "home" as we kick off our "Fragments of a Home" series. 

What does Home mean to you?

I've always been somewhat transient and have been single for most of my life, so my home is my sanctuary.  It's the place I go to decompress and sort through all of the thoughts and feelings I have when I was not inside these walls.  It's where I go to rest my mind and body, un-chaos my life and become inspired.

Talk about an item/items in your home that you love most and why.

Well, I just moved across the country (and the ocean) about six months ago so it's been somewhat of a slow build.  I only brought two suitcases and didn't ship any of my belongings.  At the same time I have a clean slate to start with for anything and everything.  My favorite item I've purchased so far was over craigslist from an elderly man who was practically in tears when he sold it to me because he loved it so much, I think his name was Simon.  He and his wife were moving into town into a much smaller place. I was telling him how much I loved the bench and he said "Yes, I really love it, too.".  It's this really beautiful Danish mcm bench.  I'm currently using it as a desk/vanity/bookshelf since I don't have a lot of other places to put things yet.  I love it so much and I'm so appreciative that he sold it to me.  I promised him that I'd take really good care of it.

What is your favorite source/sources for interior design inspiration? or Where do you find inspiration for your home?

I gotta be honest, I'm a tumblr maniac. I find that I'm inspired by photos of well sunlit homes with clean lines and a lot of plants.  I've become somewhat of a neat freak so I'm a nerd for organizational solves and ideas.  Nature is also a huge factor, as much as I love clean white space, I'm a sucker for a lot of plant life and natural wood.  I've also become obsessed with mauve and pink increasingly over the past year, so a pink wall with a large philodendron and I'm tingling in my bones.  Even visiting shops and restaurants that have these qualities get my gears grinding for ideas in my own home. I also cruise AirBnB and get inspired by all the beautiful homes up for short term rentals, or boutique hotels like Camp Wandewega or Urban Cowboy.  I guess I basically want my home to look like a boutique hotel on AirBnB.

What is your favorite room and why?

My favorite room is either the kitchen or my bedroom.  I always joke that if I had a kitchen in my bedroom I would probably cook a lot more.  I'm also a sucker for an awesome bathroom (however my current bathroom is not awesome so it is not my favorite room).  I work long and late hours in the hospitality and retail industry and have rarely ever not had a roommate.  My bedroom is my own space that I can go where I don't feel pressured to engage.  (It's also where I put all my favorite things.) I also find that cooking a great meal is soothing to my psyche and has a great reward (most of the time haha).

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I'm kind of already living the dream right now but wouldn't argue about a beach front rental... I also have dreams of Greece or pretty much anywhere on the Mediterranean Sea or I want to live in a bright pink stucco house in Argentina.  I also wouldn't mind having a cozy cabin in the mountains or maybe a studio in the French Quarter. I don't know. I kind of want to live everywhere. 

Where are your favorite places to shop for home-related items?

I have yet to find a shop in Honolulu that's comparable to FMW, but I have a few boutiques I visit regularly to see what new items they get in. (Ginger 13, Owens & Co, Echo & Atlas, Olive & Oliver, Hound & Quail, Paiko). There are many brands there recognize from FMW and new ones that I've never heard of.  A lot of Australian companies have product in Hawaii as well.  Not to forget, there's plenty of thrift stores here and people are constantly moving off the island so it's a great place to find quality goods if you know what you're looking for. I've found Craigslist to be the best source for larger items at reasonable prices. 

What are some of your favorite items from Forage that you have in your home?

Like I said before I only brought two suitcases with me.  I managed to squeeze in my golden and pink rug by GUR, a beautiful golden palm throw by Happy Habitat, a vintage brass pineapple lamp (that I cannot find a shade to match for the life of me) and my Tivoli AM/FM radio. 

Current Forage wish list:

How do I say everything without saying everything?

Once I have somewhere to put them I'd like to grab myself some of those stackable colorful boxes Box Box by HAY. 

With lack of storage atm, I'm obsessed with woven baskets, so yeah, pretty much all of Doug Johnstons collection.

The BOX by Naknak in PINK

Q Hooks by afteroom in PINK or the Hex Key J Hooks would also be great to hang my denim.(Basically if it's pink I probably want it.)

The Dots by Muuto

Also I have a 4 legged cohabitant now, I'm not sure if you still have but am looking for a dog bed, so the Rake Dog Bed by Dusen Dusen.

(To shop Kyndra's picks, click on the images below.)

FMW FAVS from Rebekah!

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The New NAK NAK The Box : "I'm kind of an organization freak - or I like to think I am. I've already got big plans for these stacking boxes for my home..."

Cubby Junior Plant Stand and Planter by Ivy Muse : "I seriously can't believe we are still the one of the only US retailers for Ivy Muse. These planters are so beautiful."


Vintage Whistle Perfume bottle : "OK. Seriously. AMAZING."

Boxes and Planter available in-store and online. Whistle Perfume Bottle available solely in-store.


FMW FAVS from Victoria!

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"The Dusen Dusen Bath Towels are simple and playful. I enjoy the fact that they are made two toned and reversible. They somehow make showering seem like fun.

The HAY Pivot No. 3 Mirror brightens up any wall or living space. The polished steel creates a highly reflective surface. I would describe this design as creative and forward thinking.

Debbie Carlos creates beautiful images, the Flowers Poster is one that I'm naturally drawn towards. It appears that she effortlessly captures this peaceful moment walking about. Her printing process is unique in that it creates a rough and textured surface."

Find these and more in-store and online!

FMW FAVS from Darcy

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"This petite french press is just gorgeous. Its simple design and high quality material add a moment of serenity to your morning routine, drink up!"


"For the adults who still love back-to-school shopping. This nostalgic pouch set comes with 5 different sizes, ready to zip away all those small belongings which are probably floating around in your purse, workspace, or bathroom (admit it)."


"These tumblers are magic. Ridiculously lightweight and give me totally tubular #beachvibes. These earthenware tumblers are hand-casted by Em herself, giving each cup their own swirly sky & sea effect."

FMW FAVS from Bethany

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Wavy baby blue on 100% Terry Cotton + #ihavethisthingwithstripes


The Q outsmarts the S and solves the problem of the S-Hook always swinging off the bar. They're practical and the colors nudge just the right amount of accent. Plus, they come in a set of 3! See you later S's.


I wasn't sure if the Gather Journal could get any more clever and cool, and then they came out with this issue. It's one of very few publications that have me saying over and over 'seriously, how did they do that!?' It's so delightfully 70's: psychedelic and experimental. Give-me-more.

FMW FAVS from Rebekah

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This sofa has it all. It's comfy AF, handsome, and fits in almost any style of space. Plus! Take one of the side pillows and put it in between you and the person sitting next to you if you need some space. ;)


I love these bags! I have a couple that I use in my daughter's room and they are perfect for tossing in stuffed animals and other toys. And they are adorable.


This book is AMAZING! I'm proud of the architectural heritage that we have in Minnesota. This book is the perfect combination of state pride and a drool-worthy coffee table book. Ya'll need one today!

FMW FAVS from Victoria

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Jewellery Box in Black Ash by MENU

I really enjoy the Jewellery Box by MENU. This home decor piece is simple and looks elegant open or closed. The designer intentionally created it with a 'less complicated' purpose in mind. This thoughtful design allows it to effortlessly add a lot to a space.

The Alle Coffee Table by HEM

The Alle Coffee Table is wonderful. The rounded edge design creates a uniqueness to the table. It's available in 3 different sizes and 8 different colors, agate grey being my favorite. Last but not least.. I appreciate that it can be assembled without tools!

All items are available in store and online!

FMW FAVS from Darcy

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Eyes & Nose Tote by Casey Deming

This tote makes me smile! It's so simple and playful, I can't help it.

The Great Discontent, Issue 4

The editorial design of The Great Discontent is fresh and intriguing. Combined with quality writing and ambitious people, the stories are a joy to read.

Woven Pizza Mini-Slices

I'm a sucker for textiles, and the way Kayla Mattes brings an original perspective to weaving is such an inspiration to me. They even come with a little jump ring on the back so you can show off your #PIZZA PRIDE!

All items are available in store and online!

FMW FAVS from Rebekah

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Yes, Mirror Mask by Areaware

This mirror is hilarious. It's the perfect reminder to smile and not take things too seriously.

T Line Earrings by Natalie Joy

These earrings just arrived from Natalie Joy. I live in a uniform of t-shirts and jeans and to dress it up, I like adding earrings and lipstick. These earrings will be perfect for that.

Wire Planter by Menu

I try to keep our furniture and decor in the white, black, grey, navy family, because my life feels like chaos sometimes so keeping things simple and clean in my home helps me feel grounded. Plants help, too! And these new planters by Menu fit right in to our home, adding a nice Japanese meets Art Deco look.

FMW FAVS from Darcy

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The fabulous weather recently in the Twin Cities has me feeling prepped for sun-filled days and outdoor adventures. This Pineapple Soap by Wary Meyers is the perfect scent for ushering in the spring and summertime, with hints of mango and orange too! Definitely going to make a smoothie inspired by this little soap.


This tray is a dream, it has so much character for such a simple piece. I love how the finish on the tray highlights the texture and beautiful irregularities of the linen weave. It's also subtle enough of a pattern and color to act as a perfect accent for any palette.

FMW FAVS from Kyndra

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"I have my eye on the Cedar Rose scent for my new summer signature scent. I love that it's natural and more feminine than my usual go to. It's soft and present without overwhelming the senses and doesn't wear off throughout the day. Any time I wear OLO, people always exclaim
YOU SMELL SO GOOD, WHAT IS THAT?! It's OLO guys, and it's amazing!"


"My other favorite right now is the Bathing Suit Pot by Group Partner. I'm moving to Hawaii in the fall and MN summer sure is taking its time.  I'm channeling all of the beach vibes I can get."

FMW FAVS from Bethany

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This week's FMWFAVs is from Bethany! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here

Brick Pouf by Hem 

This is one of my absolute favorite pieces in store right now. From a distance the pouf looks like the perfect shade of forest green but then when you draw close you find it’s confettied with lime and grass green! There is seriously a party going on all over it. So comfortable. So inviting. Put your feet up. Set a book on it. Move it around the room.

Waffle Towel by Hay

These towels are sooooo soft! I swear it’s like marshmallow cotton or something. I love the burgundy and blue together. A statement combination.

Egg Pin by Georgia Perry

I wear my heart on my sleeve and this egg on my lapel. With compliments a plenty. It’s fun and unexpected. And it’s an egg, man. Why wouldn’t you want to wear it?

FMW FAVS from Kyndra

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This week's FMWFAVs is from Kyndra! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here

Wormwood Absinthium Cream by Prospector Co.

"I recently purchased this lotion and I can't get enough.  It looks great on my dresser and the masculine scent is subtle enough that I don't feel like I just walked off set of an Axe commercial.  It makes my skin look and feel great."

Morihata FD Style Bottle Opener

"I have been eyeing this item for quite some time.  I love it's simplicity and sleek design.  This is the bottle opener that you can leave out on the counter, bar cart or hang on a hook without looking like you didn't clean up from last night's excursions.  No more passing the can opener or a lighter and watching your house guests struggle to open their Sweet Child of Vine.  I have also been known to show off my roots by opening a beer bottle via the edge of a counter but it's time to stop bruising my wrist (and stop ruining my counter tops) and say yes to this beautiful, easy to clean, rust proof bottle opener by Morihata."

FMW FAVS from Kelsie

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This week's FMWFAVs is from Kelsie! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here

Plant Pedestals by Areaware
I love this set. Use them not only for plants but books, incense, cat figurines...

Lavender Takenaka Bento Box
The cutest way to pack up your snacks. I love the great color combinations and stacking options to accommodate different food items.

Vintage Mushroom S + P shakers (in store only)
Such a charming little set. I can't resist a bit of whimsy every now and then.

FMW FAVS from Darcy

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This week's FMWFAVs is from Darcy! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here.

"Every page takes my breath away. Beautiful imagery, paired with insightful and poetic articles. Reading it is a meditation."


"Sooo yummy! I haven't had a nut butter quite like this one. Not overly chocolaty, with a complex flavor and a bit of spice. A little warming snack."

FMW FAVS from Tim

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This week's FMWFAVs is from Tim! See his picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here.

Broyhill Saga Set - in store only

These are incredible vintage pieces from the golden era of modern design.  Beautifully made and constructed, by mid-high end mid century American maker Broyhill.  Characterized by the atomic "star" patterns, the Saga line is one of the most sought after of Broyhills out there. I hope I look this good at 50 plus. 

Mid Century Teak Hutch - in store only

This piece is stunning. Beautiful warm teak with sliding glass doors on top and sliding teak doors with sculpted dish pulls on the bottom.  No marks or signatures to be found on it and a design that I've never seen before which makes it pretty rare and it's in excellent condition to boot. 

Pendleton Yakima Camp Throw -

Hard to get much cooler than Pendleton.  Classic, beautiful wool blanket with an awesome vintage-style design, made right here in 'merica.  boom. 

FMW FAVS from Sara

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This week's FMWFAVs is from our buyer, Sara! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here.

The new issue of Gather Journal just arrived, and it's amazing. Somehow, they were able to successfully merge the eerily cosmic, the prehistoric, and the sometimes absurdity of a museum diorama with rich food photography -- it will force a shift in perspective.

While I'm usually a vintage fan (and the early version of this radio can be found!), the Model 1 by Tivoli is a radio that I have to have. They are minimal in design but manage to package great sound and better reception in a classically beautiful, functional piece that is a joy to use.

Yes!! We just received our 100.2 Baskets from Doug Johnston in specially chosen colors. I can't say enough about how much I admire Doug Johnston's work - his studio's experimentation. It's kinda like exploring how a line can travel through space...

FMW FAVS from Bethany

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This week's FMWFAVs is from Bethany! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here.

The Egg Bowl by Workaday is silky smooth, lightweight, and has just the right amount of play to it's speckled design throughout. The perfect size to hold in your hands and fill with a hearty salad, or bowl of pho!

Gym Hook by HAY - For towels, for tomorrow's t-shirt, or to just plain make a statement standing alone. I fell fast for these gym hooks the moment I saw them. Awooga!

Dur Linen Handkerchief by Fog Linen - The soft feel of the linen and rich indigo color are enough, really. The old spirit in me, wants to start carrying handkerchiefs; I think I'll start with this one.

FMW FAVS from Kelsie

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This week's FMWFAVs is from Kelsie! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here

"I'm a creature of habit and I always have a cup of tea (or two) before bed.  Enamel tea pots are so classic and beautiful. I love the wooden handle next to the black enamel.  Also, the Black mug by graham Morkebacke -The size, the matte glaze, the simplicity...such a perfect little cup."

Both of these items are found in store only.