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Man, are we pumped about these sweet new hammocks by Yellow Leaf Hammocks. They literally feel like silk, or that good feeling of 'like butter' on your fingertips. They not only swing with a 'damn, that's fine', but sway with a 'hell yeah', all the while serving a purpose and a mission. Here's the gist on how Joe Demin, Founder and 'Chief Relaxation Officer', took a leap and landed on the opportunity to create something special while impacting lives.

1. Yellowleaf was founded by Rachel Connors and yourself (Joe Demin). How did this idea get started?

Yellow Leaf Hammocks was born from a "vacation inspiration." A few years back I was traveling through Thailand and I discovered the most amazing hammock on a remote island. I've always been a huge hammock fan, but I'd never seen such a soft, vibrant, comfortable hammock!
When I started investigating where my hammock came from, I learned that it wasn't made in a factory but handwoven in a village. I was so obsessed with my hammock at this point that I convinced a cabbie to drive me 600 miles to the mountain village so I could meet the artisans behind the hammocks. 

I learned about the extreme poverty that hill tribes faced and heard from families who were desperate to get out of slash and burn farming. We all realized that these hammocks were incredibly special and could transform the community if they could reach the global market. So I struck a handshake deal and headed back to the US with a backpack full of hammocks! I convinced my girlfriend Rachel to start selling them at pop-up shops that first summer and it's all grown from there!

2. Tell us about your process.

Each hammock is completely handwoven! It's truly a labor of love and takes 6-7 days to weave our most popular hammock, the "Classic Double." Each hammock is created using 3 1/2 miles of yarn and 150,000 interwoven loops! Our specially sourced microyarn is some of the softest, coziest material ever used in hammock production (it's exclusive to our brand). They're also very durable-- weathersafe and UV resistant. Our bright colors never fade and the hammocks hold up well outdoors in the elements. Check out this video for more info.

4. When it's raining, what is your go to rainy-day song?

I love rainy days actually. We don't get a lot of them here in Cali but when they come, it's awesome to put on my headphones and crank through work on my laptop while listening to Ray Lamontagne or the Felice Brothers!

5. What's the best meal you've had in the last year?

Luckily my girlfriend Rachel (who is also my co-founder) is an AMAZING cook (head chef at Hammock HQ) so there are lots of "best meals" to be had here! Most recently, she made a delicious home-made meatloaf that is still making my mouth water. But now that I think about it, that steak we grilled last week was pretty scrumptious too...

6. Any upcoming plans for your brand in the next year?

We're launching a new rope hammock line later this summer and are really excited to expand our line! We'll also be rotating in plenty of new designs and limited edition, seasonal collections! Stay tuned...