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FMW FAVS from Bethany

Round UpRebekah CookComment

This week's FMWFAVs is from Bethany! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here.

The Egg Bowl by Workaday is silky smooth, lightweight, and has just the right amount of play to it's speckled design throughout. The perfect size to hold in your hands and fill with a hearty salad, or bowl of pho!

Gym Hook by HAY - For towels, for tomorrow's t-shirt, or to just plain make a statement standing alone. I fell fast for these gym hooks the moment I saw them. Awooga!

Dur Linen Handkerchief by Fog Linen - The soft feel of the linen and rich indigo color are enough, really. The old spirit in me, wants to start carrying handkerchiefs; I think I'll start with this one.