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New Hopewell Workshop exclusively for Forage Modern Workshop

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In a recent Dwell interview, I was quoted saying "Quilts have such a grandma connotation, so it’s great they took this old thing and made it so modern" in regards to this release with Hopewell Workshop. Though I wish they wouldn't have chosen these "eloquent words," I guess it really is what I love so much about Hopewell's work.

When I think of quilts, I think of slumber parties at my late grandmother's house. After a night of ice cream, "Sweating to the Oldies," listening to Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker, and playing cards, we'd snuggle under one of Grandma Barb's quilts. It was one of the most amazing feelings, because she'd had them for years - my mom had probably slept under the same quilt at one time. And they always had the most perfect "safe at Grandma's" smell.

So, yes - quilts do have a grandma connotation. In the best way possible.

And now Hopewell takes this rich history - co founder, Eliza proudly continues a family tradition of quilting that dates back to her 18th century Indiana Quaker roots - and makes it absolutely chic. The color combos, the design, the quality of work, the fabric and material choices: they are absolutely stunning.

They came up with the following two ideas:


Ok - don't you think they totally captured Forage right away? But I had to go with the 1st one because they picked our unofficial color of the year: PORANGE! Pink and Orange. After a quick chat, a second round followed


And with their final touches, signature linen backing and serious quality craftsmanship, we get this gorgeous quilt, the New Courthouse Catbird exclusively for Forage:

Combining the inspiration of Bauhaus artist, Josef Albers, with a traditional courthouse quilt pattern, Hopewell came up with this handsome quilt which is both striking in its design and soothing in its palette. Such an amazing experience.

Further, nothing makes me more happy than to be introduced to companies that embody Forage's values: ethically made quality design that will last forever and has been made by people who love life and don't take themselves too seriously. A huge thanks to Rita from The American Edit for introducing us to Hopewell Workshop. Eliza and Claire have taken their experience in woodworking, ceramics, sculpting, knitting, quilting, and painting and created stunning quilts and pillows that will leave you feeling safe, warm, and perhaps a little nostalgic—just like at Grandma's house.

You can purchase the New Courthouse Catbird exclusively for Forage in store or online. We also brought in some sweet and HUGE pillows by Hopewell as well.