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ICFF Weekend Recap: Meeting Friends of Forage

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The night before we began our whirlwind through the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), we were fortunate enough to attend Sight Unseen's Offsite opening night party. There, we met Dylan Davis and Jean Lee of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio (they make these beauties). Check out their new line of lighting, plus special collaborations with glass artist, John Hogan: 

Image from

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Later on in the evening, we found DAMM Design! We have their Hombre Pendant hanging in the front window. 

At ICFF, one of our first stops was Stephen Kenn. You know him for his sturdy Inheritance Collection chair and ottoman in the shop, as well as his gorgeous Encounter Collection leather goods. Stephen revealed that he will be releasing a new line of luxurious leather bags in black.

Our friends Hennepin Made (makers of the fine pendants above our front desk) were at ICFF, and it sounds like they've been busier than ever! They have a ton of new products, and they're looking good.

We found the party when we came across Loll - their space was bumpin'! Loll has been receiving such great press lately (featured alongside Forage in Food and Wine), and it's not surprising -- their stuff is hot

Get a load of that sweet kids' bike! It was made for Heritage Littles, part of Heritage Bicycles General Store, Chicago. 

I got a chance to meet one of my new favorites to the store, Fort Standard. Their new Framework lighting, shown below, has been getting a ton of press lately!

We ended up seeing Bend Goods everywhere! Their drum table and Farmhouse Lounge Chair were at Sight Unseen Offsite party. They unveiled a couple new colors (hot coral/red and copper!) at ICFF. 

The last photo is a one-of-a-kind collaboration with a Los Angeles artist, Edward Granger. We even saw the Bend Lucy Stool in a McDonald's! In Manhattan! One of my favorite discoveries of the trip.

Spring Favorites: No One Appreciates Spring More Than a Minnesotan

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Seriously. This is the second year in a row that winters have spanned into almost 8 months. And while there are plenty of things we love about winter (staying inside, snow fights, warm drinks, cozy blankets, etc) when spring arrives, we prance around with perma-grins.

The fun part about the arrival of spring is the welcoming of fresh products that scream 'airy breeze' and 'sunshine' and 'dinners on the patio'. Check out our favorite spring products.

1. Hombre Pendants by DAMM Design - these cuties brighten up any space. Perfect by itself or as a cluster. 

2. Large Standing Bowl by Fort Standard - spring time tastes like chips and guac. And this can help you serve it up right.

3. SUP Door Mat by Reed Wilson Design - HILARIOUS. And perfect for keeping your floors clean on the rainy spring days.

4. Mini Planters by Wind and Willow Home - these can LITERALLY go anywhere. Add an air plant or small succulent and WHAM! You've got spring all up in your space.

5. Pliny the Lounger by Loll - we love Loll. This just might be our favorite of their designs. These would be perfect around your fire pit.

6. New Mexico Pillow by Little Korboose - these are so luxe. And a clean and fresh designed accent, even if it's a white and black one, adds a bright airy feel.

7. Linen Napkins by Caroline Z Hurley - make a Facebook event and host a spring brunch. These lovelies will help make it Kinfolky. 

8. Backpack by Stephen Kenn - BIKE RIDES. The perfect companion for wheeling around town.