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FMW FAVS from Tim

Round UpRebekah CookComment

This week's FMWFAVs is from Tim! See his picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here.

Broyhill Saga Set - in store only

These are incredible vintage pieces from the golden era of modern design.  Beautifully made and constructed, by mid-high end mid century American maker Broyhill.  Characterized by the atomic "star" patterns, the Saga line is one of the most sought after of Broyhills out there. I hope I look this good at 50 plus. 

Mid Century Teak Hutch - in store only

This piece is stunning. Beautiful warm teak with sliding glass doors on top and sliding teak doors with sculpted dish pulls on the bottom.  No marks or signatures to be found on it and a design that I've never seen before which makes it pretty rare and it's in excellent condition to boot. 

Pendleton Yakima Camp Throw -

Hard to get much cooler than Pendleton.  Classic, beautiful wool blanket with an awesome vintage-style design, made right here in 'merica.  boom.