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Chiaozza Lump Nubbins

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We are so pumped to announce the arrival of a special collection by the Brooklyn based duo, Chiaozza to Forage Modern Workshop.  The collaborative duo behind Chiaozza includes Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao.  Together they explore play and craft across a range of media.  They draw their inspiration by observing the natural world through their own experience of the everyday. With the belief that the world of the imaginary is as "real" as the natural, they create bright immersive environments of paper, paint, wood, and plaster.  With the primitive optimism of a child and the meticulous focus of a horticulturalist, the imaginary and the wild continually slip in and out of the ordinary, uncovering the wondrous, the magical, and the humorous in the everyday. 

Forage will be carrying a small collection of Lump Nubbins. The small plants are crafted from compressed paper pulp, painted paper, matte acrylic gouache, and plaster or concrete.  Some of the sculptures contain flocking, gloss medium, glow-in-the-dark paint, chrome, and/or micaceous iron oxide. These art objects are friendly, exuberant, and delightful. We know that you will be as charmed with them as we are.