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FMW FAVS from Bethany

Round UpBethany AshmunComment

This week's FMWFAVs is from Bethany! See her picks below. You can also see previous staff picks here

Brick Pouf by Hem 

This is one of my absolute favorite pieces in store right now. From a distance the pouf looks like the perfect shade of forest green but then when you draw close you find it’s confettied with lime and grass green! There is seriously a party going on all over it. So comfortable. So inviting. Put your feet up. Set a book on it. Move it around the room.

Waffle Towel by Hay

These towels are sooooo soft! I swear it’s like marshmallow cotton or something. I love the burgundy and blue together. A statement combination.

Egg Pin by Georgia Perry

I wear my heart on my sleeve and this egg on my lapel. With compliments a plenty. It’s fun and unexpected. And it’s an egg, man. Why wouldn’t you want to wear it?

HAY: From Denmark to the Midwest!

New ProductsBethany AshmunComment

We're ecstatic over here about Denmark-based design cooperative, HAY! Founded in 2002, HAY, aims to recreate the 'heyday' of 1950's and 60's design but with a modern innovative twist. And to add to the excitement, this super-group is not only made up of established makers, but hungry young designers who are dead set on making products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Literally, every single object is worth taking a moment to pick up and appreciate the clear dedication to superb quality and design. Whether it be stacking high their bright-colored box box's or tracing the lines along the grooves of their field serving boards (literally, inspired by plowed fields!).

Be it, your kitchen, office, living space, etc - HAY basically has all it's grounds covered. 

Needless to say, we're pretty dang pumped to say that we now have them available to us HERE in the Midwest!!