Forage Modern Workshop

Rapson Low Back Rocker by Loll


Toby Rapson, son of midcentury architect Ralph Rapson, was working to put his father's classic designs back into production when he bumped into Loll founder Greg Benson at an event in Minneapolis. The meeting prompted Rapson to rethink his father's rocking chair as an eco-friendly outdoor rocker made from recycled material. "It became a collaboration between us and Loll to translate the chairs Ralph Rapson drew to a new innovative product," Toby said. The Rapid Rocker was originally designed for manufacturer Knoll in the 1940's. 


We think Ralph would be happy with this modern version made with both material and manufacturing not available when it was first conceived.


Currently experiencing a lead time of 8 weeks. 



Loll began by using left over material from the construction of municipal skate boarding parks.  Founded in Duluth in 2003 in a former pasta factory, Loll is a small company committed to making fun, beautiful furniture out of recycled milk jugs.  Durable, colorful, sustainable.