Forage Modern Workshop

Velvet Globe Cushion
velvet cushion Velvet Globe Cushion from a vibrant velvet, they are removable and are closed with an invisible zip, which is colour matched to the outside velvet. The inner ball is stuffed with recycled rag, this encloses a bamboo layer velvet bolster
Velvet Squab Cushion
velvet cushion . They are removable and have a colour matched 40cm YKK invisible zip. Diameter: 38cm Height: 8cm Dry clean velvet cover only. Made in New Zealand handwork ensures a beautiful, hand crafted shape. The covers are made from upholstery grade velvets Velvet Squab Cushion velvet bolster
Velvet Bolster Cushion
velvet cushion Velvet Bolster Cushion vibrant velvet. The cover is removable and has a colour matched 40cm YKK invisible zip. Diameter: 20cm velvet bolster
Mother's Day Gift Guide
Earrings Pottery Pitcher, Velvet Bolster Cushion Andrej Urem Candle Publications, Books, Vintage Kartell Stool, Light Sculptures
ILY : Truly, Madly, Deeply do.
LEATHERWORKS MN ..And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky, I'll make a wish send it
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