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Meal Magazine

Meal Magazine is an independent print publication featuring thought-provoking food writing and striking art direction. Based in Minneapolis and published bi-annually, Meal Magazine is produced by a team of experienced writers, critics, and artists who are passionate about the power of food and drink to bring people together. 

Meal features stories from across the world that examine the social life of food through deep investigative journalism, personal essays, profiles, and original art and photography that nods toward the era of avant-garde magazine design. Meal tells provocative stories that will stick with readers for years to come.

And while Meal is a magazine about food and drink, it also looks to challenge the very notions of what “food writing” can be. It is a platform for moving and unconventional storytelling that features diverse and unique voices, resulting in a publication that uses food as a vehicle for exploring the critical issues of our time. Meal is for food lovers and anybody who enjoys getting lost in a good story. 

Meal Magazine

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