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Delfonics Rollbahn Landscape Notebook

Delfonics' Rollbahn Landscape notebook has the impeccable quality and thoughtful features of the original version but in a horizontal format. Rollbahn fully utilizes this layout with subtle division guide markings at the top, bottom, left, right and center of each page so you can organize your notes, charts, drawings, etc., as desired. 

Like all Rollbahn notebooks, the landscape version has a very heavy cardstock cover that shrugs off the occasional raindrop,  fountain pen-ready grid paper -- lightly rendered for note-taking versatility, each page perforated for easy, clean removal, five useful cellophane sleeves bound into the back and an elastic closure. Spiral-bound to lay flat when that's important. Perfection. Comes in two sizes, Field, to carry with you, and Desk, to keep in place.

5mm x 5mm grid
Five cellophane sleeves in back

Desk  |  140 pages  |  8 x 10"

Delfonics Rollbahn Landscape Notebook

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