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The Smudge Newspaper

The Smudge is a monthly newspaper offering articles, interviews, comics, and advice from a range of unique thinkers and creators. At a time when many of us have been searching for ways to contribute, we decided we'd use the tool we know best: PRINT. We're not activists, we're not editors, but we have a printer and we know how to use it. So, in the spirit of the underground and alternative presses of the 60's and 70's, we hope to offer a unique voice and a different perspective on the issues and events that affect us all. And hopefully we can squeeze some good comics in there as well.


Volume 5, Issue 3 - March 2021

The Self Esteem Issue issue with special guest editor Matthew James-Wilson



• Zero by Matthew James-Wilson

• Confidence: The Social Currency by Shamir Bailey

• On Cheese by Allyssa Yohana

• In Conversation: Seo Kim & Matthew James-Wilson 

• It's Natural by Nathaniel Russell 

• Star Signs from Small Spells by Rachel Howe

• On The Grid with Joe Winer 

• In The New Year by Pete Gamlen 

Another View by Gabriel Alcala 

• Comic by E.S. Glenn 

• Sticker by Brittney Scott 

• Smudge Classifieds

• Cover art by Kendra Yee



Volume 5, Issue 4 - April 2021

The Beirut Issue issue with special guest editors Perrin Drumm & Tala Safrié 


• The components of an exploding pressure cooker by Studio Safar

• The Radio Station We Never Knew We Needed—and Now Can’t Live Without: an interview with Radio al Hara

• A subjective history of Lebanon by Mazen Kerbaj 

• Fall by Jana Traboulsi 

• First Last Date: a comic by Samandal 

• Dragging in a Pandemic: Hot Takes with Anya Kneez

• Cover art by Raphaelle Macaron 

A portion of proceeds from this issue will be donated to Matbakh al Balad 

The Smudge Newspaper

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