Our brick and mortar store is now closed. Free shipping on all remaining inventory. :)

Forage Modern Workshop

As of 12/31/21, our brick and mortar store on E Lake Street in Minneapolis now closed. Free shipping on all remaining inventory online. Thank you!
When we opened Forage 10 years ago, we had no idea what to expect. We knew that it felt like our city needed something new - and we also knew we had to make sure that we were open to Forage becoming whatever it needed to become; Able to respond to our community's needs. From vintage and new furniture to ping pong tournaments, art shows, the births of Mike and Heidi's 2 boys and Rebekah and Josh's daughter. To saying goodbye to dogs and welcoming new puppies. Opening restaurants, multiple build-outs of buildings and construction projects. Over 1000 transactions in real estate. Many staff and even owners that have come and gone (that we love and hold dear!) 3 presidents, 18 break-ins, a pandemic, civil unrest. We've seen a lot these past 10 years. And it feels like our city is needing something new from us. We're not exactly sure what - but we know that December 31st, 2021 will be the last day that our brick and mortar store on East Lake Street will be open.

Our culture views closures as failures - they 'couldn't make it'. But that's simply not true here. Honestly - the past 10 years have taught us that we seriously CAN do anything. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should. In this next phase - we are devoted to finding the highest and best use of our time here on this planet and honoring our passion: affecting physical change in our communities, making homes beautiful and staying inspired.

What's next?! We are going to honor the work in front of us. And then probably a bunch of other new things. :) 

Forage is PACKED with new gifts for the holidays. Please come and say hello and grab wonderful gifts from our vendors for your friends and family. We are giving you a heads-up to avoid the "I wish I would have known!".

And thank you. Seriously. WOW! The support of our community and our followers has been a constant motivation all of these years. Thank you for seeing us. Continue to support all of the amazing small retailers in the Twin Cities and those you follow. Small retailers make your world go round. They set vision, trends, they inspire and encourage. They work hard.

Continue to follow to find out what we're up to and any new projects we have going. 

We love you,

Rebekah Cook and Mike Smith