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Actually Curious Card Game

A card game and a movement to spread empathy.

Nothing builds bonds more than being seen and feeling heard. Actually Curious is the only game that uses the science and psychology of emotional connection.

Ideal for...

  • Journaling practice: Explore your own biases and values by using the questions as journaling prompts. 

  • Family & Friends: Bring thoughtful questions to your next game night to unlock stories that have been waiting for the perfect moment to be told.

  • Intentional Dating: Whether it be the first date or the 100th date, get to know each other's values and views on a deeper level. 

  • Conversation Starters: Meaningful questions to help break the ice and put an end to small talk. 


Curiosity edition

The original Curiosity Edition explores questions of background, values, and views on important issues.

Happy Hour edition

The Happy Hour edition includes questions that explore dreams, ambitions, and cherished memories with friends, family, and loved ones.



Actually Curious Card Game
Actually Curious Card Game
Actually Curious Card Game
Actually Curious Card Game

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